Commitment To Combat Racism

Indicate whether you have taken action on the items listed below. Check appropriate column.


  1. Yes___ No___ :  Have I aggressively sought out more information in an effort to enhance my own awareness and understanding of racism (talking with others, reading, listening)?

  2. Yes___ No___ :  Have I spent some time recently looking at my own racist attitudes and behaviors as they contribute to or combat racism around and within me?

  3. Yes___ No___ :  Have I reevaluated my use of terms, phrases, or behaviors that may be perceived by others as degrading or hurtful?

  4. Yes___ No___ :  Have I openly confronted a racist comment, joke, or action among those around me? 
  5. Yes___ No___ :  Have I made personal contact with myself to take a positive stand against racism, even at some possible risk, when the chance occurs?

  6. Yes___ No___ :  Have I become increasingly aware of racist TV programs, advertising, news broadcasts, holiday observations, slogans, etc.?

  7. Yes___ No___ :  Have I complained to those in charge of promoting racist TV programs, advertising, news broadcasts, holiday observations, slogans, etc.?

  8. Yes___ No___ :  Have I suggested and taken steps to implement discussions or workshops aimed as understanding and eliminating racism, sexism, and ageism with friends, colleagues, social clubs, or church groups?

  9. Yes___ No___ :  Have I been investigating and evaluating political candidates at all levels in terms of their stance and activity against racism, sexism, and ageism.

  10. Yes___ No___ :  Have I investigated curricular of local schools in terms of their treatment of the issues of racism, sexism, and ageism (also, textbooks, assemblies, faculty, staff, administration, and athletic programs and directors)?

  11. Yes___ No___ :  Have I contributed time and/or funds to an agency, fund, or program that actively confronts the problems of racism, sexism, or ageism?

  12. Yes___ No___ :  Have my buying habits supported non-racist, non-sexist, and non-ageist shops, companies, or personnel?

  13. Yes___ No___ :  Is my school or place of employment a target for my educational efforts in responding to racism, sexism, and ageism?

  14. Yes___ No___ :  Have I become seriously dissatisfied with my own level of activity in combating racism, sexism, and ageism?

  15. Yes___ No___ :  Have I realized that White Americans are trapped by their own schools, homes, media, government, families, etc., even when they choose not to be openly racist or sexist?

  16. Yes___ No___ :  Have I ended my affiliation with organizations which are racist, sexist, or ageist in their membership requirements?

  17. Yes___ No___ :  Have I subscribed to a publication which will educate me in the area of a culture other than my own? Have I left copies of that publication in sight where my friends and associates might see it and question my interest in it?

  18. Yes___ No___ :  Have I made an effort to learn some of the language of those in my community who may speak something other than standard English?