Typical Statements

Put an "X" before those statements that represent your present beliefs or an "O" before those that represent previously held beliefs. 
Once you have completed the exercise, please refer to the Clarification To The Typical Statements page.

  1. ___ Just what do these people want anyway?
  2. ___ I don't understand what you people are saying.
  3. ___ On the whole, the educated, the upper classes, the emotionally mature, and the deeply religious are much less racist
  4. ___ Other ethnic groups had to struggle. Why is it so different for the Blacks?
  5. ___ Angry minorities make me feel so helpless.
  6. ___ Racism exists only where minorities exist. Remove the minorities and we won't have these problems.
  7. ___ (To a minority) No matter what I say or do, it doesn't suit you. You are never satisfied. As far as you're concerned, I can't do anything right.
  8. ___ If you could just get people feeling good about themselves, there would be less racism.
  9. ___ I'm not racist, but when it comes right down to it, I wouldn't marry a Black person.
  10. ___ I should not be held responsible for the behavior of my ancestors.
  11. ___ I'm with them up to the point where they want to break the law or do something illegal.
  12. ___ How can I be pro-Black without being anti-White?
  13. ___ I am not personally responsible for the policies of racist institutions.
  14. ___ The most important things minorities need are an education and the vote.
  15. ___ (White) people would not have to integrate if they don't want to.
  16. ___ Love can't be legislated.
  17. ___ What are we going to do to alleviate the Black problem?
  18. ___ Every person should be judged solely on the basis of his or her accomplishments, regardless of race.
  19. ___ We (Whites) should get a little more appreciation for what we are doing to help.
  20. ___ Some of my best friends are Black.
  21. ___ (Said to a Black person) I've gotten to know you so well that I just don't see you as Black anymore.
  22. ___ Every time I express my opinion to a Black person, I get put down.
  23. ___ On the basis of statistics, it's true that there is a higher crime rate in the ghetto.
  24. ___ Black people are more in tune with their feelings; they are more emotional.
  25. ___ In many situations, minorities are paranoid and oversensitive. They read more into the situation that is really there. They find discrimination because they are always looking for it.
  26. ___ Why don't they just relax.

© Judith Katz. We deeply appreciate her permission to use these statements.