BLUE EYED - All in One

BLUE EYED - All in One


You've seen the clip on YouTube; "Why aren't you standing?" Now see the rest of the story. Buy your own copy of Blue Eyed. You'll be amazed!

Date: 1996

Film Length: 170 minutes

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BLUE-EYED offers viewers a chance to watch a full-length workshop with America's most dynamic diversity trainer, Jane Elliott. 

In BLUE-EYED, we join a group of 40 teachers, police, school administrators and social workers in Kansas City - blacks, Hispanics, whites, women and men. The blue-eyed members are subjected to pseudo-scientific explanations of their inferiority, culturally biased IQ tests and blatant discrimination. In just a few hours under Ms. Elliott's withering regime, we watch grown professionals become despondent and distracted, stumbling over the simplest commands. 

Clips from her original classes and interviews with former students confirm that Jane Elliott's workshops make them permanently more empathetic and sensitive to the problem of racism. Counselors, student program administrators, corporate trainers and psychologists agree: BLUE-EYED is a film every person needs to experience.