THE ANGRY EYE - All in One

THE ANGRY EYE - All in One


You've seen the clips on YouTube. Don't judge the whole product by the provocative clip. See for yourself what really happened. 

Date: 2001

Film Length: 87 minutes

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THE ANGRY EYE skillfully interweaves the young adults in the exercise with post-session interviews that show the participants struggling to come to terms with their recent experiences. Through the intense and often painful emotions that the exercise provokes shines a hope that, someday, we will overcome the capricious lines that divide us - if only we can learn to accept and appreciate our differences. 

Closed-captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. 

This is a exclusive product which contains both the 35 & 52 minute versions on one DVD. 

The 35 minute version includes subtitles.